My Works

as Game Developer

From 2008 to 2016

Since early age my only activity is playing games & destroying my computer.

Strange enough i can learn Programming Language faster than high schools class. So i take leap straight to university Computer science.

But to bad no one in our university profesor can making games , so i lost interest with university class.

Lucky enough i had biggest source library in the world (internet) to learn about Game Development & Design.

Start from year 2008 i became Game designer + Programmer working with various Game studio , Advertising agency and Brand around the world. 


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Alan Show Series

Year 2012 to 2015

Alan Show Series

is our Games series that succeeds gain 100,000 download & plays combine.

Mobile & Web game

Our games created with Adobe Flash AIR that available to iOS store , Android Store and Web game.

Cartoon Style

Our Art style is influence by Cartoon network, The Behemoth and a few best creator at Newgrounds

3 Dude Fight Together

Basically this 3 Dude just Me , My Brother and my Friends that love playing games and animation.

Mr Streoid 

Is the most unique character i like but to bad we can’t finished the game.

I too much adding more feature game play and with poor budget calculation we lost our breath on the half way of finish line.

Luna Series

Year 2013 to 2016

Girls Audience

Luna series are our original character games series to gain more Girls / Women demographic.

Fun , Cooking and Horse

3 Topic that working so well with our target demographic.

Time Management Genre

At that time Time management genre is so popularize and turn out working good to with our strategies.

Cooking Simulation That Blowing Up

Luna’s Kitchen at least being played more than 300,000 views world wide in various Web Game portal.

To bad we can’t monetize ours game that being post in others website. Despite how popular our games we only barely enough money to pay production cost.

Various Sponsored Games

Year 2012 to 2016

Exclusive Sponsored Games

We working with Big Game publisher like Spill game , Box 10 and Canada game publisher to provide good quality web games.

Our Jobs is Gain Attention

Our specialty is helping our client to succeed on their marketing campaign , Our main jobs is Gain Attention and Engaging brand with player.

the idea from this game is from Jack frost film by dreamworks.

My Works

as Entrepreneur / Designer 

From 2017 to current

After working in the game development industry for 7 years non stop.

90 hours per week with total almost 230,000 work hours, i’m Burn out.

I take another leap to became Entrepreneur and choosing Internet Marketing & Design to became my next industry career. 

At 2016 i pursue a new skill in Design industry , Lucky enough i found mentor that fit my style of learning.

Designing is being part from beginning of my career at game development so it run very smoothly for me absourt information from my mentor.

Mentor , Icon & Teacher

Portofolio 21 H3NDY

Nigel French

Mr French is my first person that i call a Mentor , He teach me anything about design philosophy and introduce me to graphic design world that i very like today.

Portofolio 22 H3NDY

Paul Rand

I love history for me is the most effective way to learn something. And Paul Rand is Design Icon that influence design world that we have today.

Portofolio 23 H3NDY

Michael Bierut

Someone i respect and copy as Teacher & Designer . His work and lecture is make me better Entrepreneur and teacher .

Working With Small Entrepreneur 

In my career time i have bless working with International Agency and Game Studio , with big budget i can do pretty much any idea i had at the time. 

Now i want change my approach to my works. instead looking for big project i looking for project that i can contribute .

banner & wall decoration for local cafe in bandung.

Name tag , X-Banner , and Product photo shooting 

Printing , Digital , Banner Take it All

i know i must gain experience in fast pace so i can compete in marketplace. i take any project that give me chance to doing in professional production .

Portofolio 27 H3NDY
Portofolio 28 H3NDY
Portofolio 29 H3NDY
Portofolio 30 H3NDY

me try create wall decoration / art with unique textured style

Keep Learning & Try To Fail

Learning new skill and try differing kind of project is my strategies for next 10 years.

Art , Word  & Experiment

i love making stuff, i like experience in design so i combine that to create my own style ‘Art’.

a few wall decoration that i sell with limited quantity

designing a kitchen layout & furniture for my neighbor

Take My Design Sense To Solved Problem

Like Paul Rand say good designer is Solving Problem.With design philosophy i help my client saved his budget and solve their problem.

remodeling old house for my family relative

Thanks with my programming experiment i found a way to create good design & lowering cost production in same time.

More Learning By Sharing

One thing i learn and copy from my mentor is Keep learning by sharing you knowledge.

Me (left) Mentoring travel agency designer staf

i rent a office space and teaching design & marketing.

When i Share my knowledge i became more mastering my skills and found the new way to approach my own style.

Writing Blog Keep Me Sane

Writing Article in is make me more calm and reduce my anxious behavior .

Each time i learn something new i will talk about it by writing a short article so people can learn in convenience way.

in my blog i talk about Entrepreneurship , Design & Marketing and sometime about DIY.

a few book that influence my though on design & marketing

Obsessed With Marketing & Human Behavior

One of my mentor say to make successful design or campaign Designer must  understand about human emotion. For that reason Storytelling and Human behavior is topic i deep learn.

Fashion Brand & eCommerce

2020 – Current

My Wife dream is having own a Fashion Brands and Boutique, when pandemic hit our life and most my works.

Me and my wife Take another Leap,without experience in fashion & retail industry we create new business that related to Fashion and eCommerce. is my next big thing

we created our original content like Photo product, Reviewing video, Banner, Animation and more.

My jobs is approaching new idea of design ,marketing and mentoring our designer staff.

To be Continue …

My philosophy in life is like playing game . each you reach new level you must started again from 0 point.

Each Chapter is different  obstacles ,To beat that level you must try over and over with your extra life until you memorized each obstacles.

When you became mastered the game you become bored , then that’s time to playing new game.

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